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Arid landscape

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Arid landscape Empty Arid landscape

Message par illisnmast le Lun 8 Nov - 7:41

Arid landscape, enormously expanded, devoid of life and vegetation
except statues in group or isolated, living skeletons, mobile in any
case, wandering gaze abstract, empty, absent, overly swollen stomach,
very thin members articulated in a dry skin, flaking, cracked or flies
finally found a haven of peace knowing this body has lost all power
and means to defend itself, feet and naked bodies, sometimes even a
flap covering part of genitalia, neck reduces the size of the
vertebrae and dominated what was a thinking head bubbling
ideas (land, culture, children, family life hunting, education,
power, money, homes, honor) sometimes one, two or more rings,
bracelets metal around his neck, a sign of beauty, wealth or social
position antecedent become obsolètes.Child bearded but remaining in
baby, clinging what was a breast of a body women.
Aged men abandoned pleading not pity or the help , but the
death late to come .....


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